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Consultancy Services

Our staff have a long and varied experience in photometry, radiometry and other related fields.  We are regularly called on to provide expert assistance and consultancy in projects and topics such as:

  • Visual ergonomics;

  • On-site luminance, illuminance and spectroradiometric measurements;

  • Special and customised testing and measurement services.


Measurement Uncertainty

We can provide consultancy for evaluating measurement uncertainty of testing and calibration services.  From simple assessment of basic measurement situations through to advanced analysis of complex and non-linear cases, considering the effects of correlations and using advanced techniques such as the Monte Carlo method, we can customise a solution for you.


Education and Training

Our people stay at the forefront of the related technologies and regulations through our involvement in organisations such as the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), Standards Australia and other standards bodies.  For more information see philanthropy.

 We can also provide education programmes on topics including:

  • Fundamental concepts in photometry, radiometry and colorimetry;

  • Photometric measurement principles and methods;

  • Goniophotometry;

  • Spectroradiometry;

  • Standards and regulations;

  • Calculation of measurement uncertainties and how to minimise them;

  • Advice on laboratory accreditation.





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