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Contact details

Factory Two
21-29 Railway Ave
Huntingdale, Vic, 3166

Tel: +61 (0)3 9568 1879
Fax: +61 (0)3 9568 4667


Tony Bergen, Managing Director
Mobile: 0400 237 431



As of 1st July 2018 there has been a change of ownership of SJ&A from Steve Jenkins to Tony Bergen.  There is no change to the running of the measurement laboratories and no change to the range of their NATA accreditation.  Steve is stepping back from the day to day testing and calibration and is staying on in a consultancy role.  Tony is now the owner and Managing Director of SJ&A which will complement his ongoing role as Technical Director of Photometric Solutions International Pty. Ltd.

Tony has a background in physics and has been active in the field of optics, photometry, and radiometry for nearly 25 years.  He has worked with Steve for over 20 years, since their days in the former company Optical & Photometric Technology.  Tony has been involved with SJ&A since its inception and has increased responsibility including a technical management role in the laboratory over the past five years.  Tony is also involved with external organisations such as:

The transfer will look seamless to our customer base with no other changes in staff or procedures.  For more information please contact Tony on or 0400 237 431.


Terms and Conditions

The Steve Jenkins & Associates Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions for testing and calibration services; consultancy services; and for supply of testing and measurement equipment can be downloaded here.


Confidentiality Policy

In keeping with its NATA Accreditation, the requirements of ISO 17025, and in order to provide a high standard of service to its clients, Steve Jenkins & Associates has a strong commitment to the confidentiality of information provided to and by its clients.  Our confidentiality policy can be downloaded here.



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